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Vin Verify San Diego

DMV Services San Diego and surrounding areas.....

Registration renewal!!! 
We can renew your auto, truck, motorcycle, trailer, & boat registration.   We provide instant service for your auto and truck registration at our location.

Not sure what your renewal fees are? 
Did not receive notice from the department of motor vehicles? Our service can provide these fees for you.

Lost or stolen registration, stickers or plates?
Our registration service can help!

Purchase a used vehicle?
Need to register and transfer it over to your name? Need to transfer ownership? How much time do you have to transfer ownership before you get penalized?

Purchased vehicle and the registration is expired. Can you drive the vehicle with an expired registation?   Will the vehicle be impounded should you be stopped by the police?   

What documents are required before you make the purchase? 
Does the vehicle need to be smogged? 
Yes, we provide this service and more!!

Want to order personalized plates or sequential plates?

Changed your address? Want to notify the dmv?
Change of address for both your driver’s license and auto registration?

Sold or gifted your vehicle to another party?  
As the seller, what do you do after transfer of title has taken place?   What is your legal liability?   What is required to release the prior owner of any legal liability?

Consultation? Have questions? 
We can help answer and solve your dmv matters. Call our office today. Our service fee is minimal and we can save you time. We are the best motor vehicle registration services.